Manufacturing of equipments in carbon steel and stainless steel.


Projects of single pieces or small series.


CALDERERÍA LANTEGI S.A., founded in 1982, manufactures equipments in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other special materials, offering solutions to assemblies of great complexity. It has modern facilities and skilled personnel to undertake any work of boiler making, maintenance or on site construction services.

Sectores: CALDERERÍA LANTEGI S.A., has extensive experience in the fabrication and installation of equipment for the paper, chemical, food and industrial water processing industries, silage of solid products, tubular exchangers, tanks and piping installations.

Tipos de pieza: CALDERERÍA LANTEGI S.A., is specialized in the fabrication of mechanical/welded parts from its client's requirements, such as frames, machine racking, benches, valve bodies, rollers, etc., with minimal tolerances for subsequent machining.

Aparatos a presión: CALDERERÍA LANTEGI S.A.,  is registered at the 'Territorial Delegation of Industry', as a manufacturer, installer and repairer of pressure vessels, uses approved procedures and welders, and offers a fully skilled and highly equipped technical design team to carry out its designs, calculations, and their adaptation to the European Directive and CE mark.

Servicio integral al cliente: CALDERERÍA LANTEGI S.A., is located in an industrial environment, next to several companies for tooling, heat stabilizing, sand blasting and painting, balancing, etc. Therefore we are capable of dealing fully finished products and avoid deliveries during the processing time.